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Free WordPress Service? What the ****? Are you out of you mind?

People ask me. I just smile and just say, we have to give what we have taken from the society and the world, and after gluing myself to gazillion hours in front of computer, it’s time to share what I know.

Well, if you want knowledge then why not go to Google and Wikipedia?

It’s a fact, that Google or Wikipedia is the first option for almost every one of us, and perhaps you landed on this website using Google or other search engine. But, again they provide knowledge and not service. I, us, we believe in serving for humanity. In fact, we are all guided by these principles; we just think that we don’t have anything to give back to the society,or its not the right time. We are wrong, we have our special talents and we can give back by serving. We do, well Marvel Labs is kind of a virtual no profit organization, where I volunteer to work virtually for making others happy and putting a smile on at least a single face, works for me.

Worpress Woes?

We are frustrated when wordpress does not install, or there is an error or something is not right, we generally contact professionals, or post on forums to save money and do it yourself. But sometimes, we are running short of time to get things done and really want some professional help instead of waiting for your question to be answered on a forum or elsewhere. And undoubtedly, there are many a times when we think that we have overpaid for a service or things not working out or sometimes don’t have online payment services or money, you can turn to Marvel Labs.

Marvel Labs offers its services for free. You are not forced to pay but you are not restricted to donate as well :) . Currently, we serve any wordpress related issues and Windows Operating System Troubleshooting issues.

Hope you like our service. Always Keep Smilng :)

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