Best web host for WordPress 2012

Best wordpress hosting sites comparision 2012.


# Web Host Monthly Price ($) Annual Price($) Biannual Price ($) Domains Web Space Database Email- Accounts Offer
1 Dreamhost 10.95 22.4 117.8 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $100 Google Adwords
2 Bluehost 4.95 59.4 94.8 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $100 Google Adwords
3 Inmotion 6.36 76.32 133.44 6 Unlimited 2 $75 Google Adwords
4 Webhostinghub 5.95 83.4 142.8 Unlimited Unlimited
5 HostGator 5.56 66.72 114.2 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $100 Google Adwords
6 myhosting 4.95 59.4 118.8 Unlimited Unlimited 3 10 $25 Yahoo and Bing
7 Site5 5.95 71.4 118.8 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
8 Fatcow 4.47 53.64 83.28 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
9 GoDaddy 4.74 56.88 53.88 Unlimited 10 GB 10 100 -
10 Ipage 3.5 42 70.8 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $450 Freebies

You can sort out the table the way you want and after $450 worth of free features and the rock bottom prices there seems to be the only winner . So,coming to the results, the award of the best web host for wordpress 2012 (boring pause… yawn…) goes to Ipage.

We wanted Dreamhost to win so that we could claim our referral benefit but as Marvel Labs is proudly hosted on Dreamhost. Here is a $97 off coupon for you if you still want to go for Dreamhost.  Coupon Code : MARVEL97. By the way Marvel Labs is still on Dreamhost because of its amazing support and raw features which go easy for geeks.

Recently, I also had chance to install wordpress on Ipage and experience the performance. The same site loaded heavily on Ipage but was light on Dreamhost. So if you are performance conscious with shell support, go for Dreamhost or if you are light on your pockets go for Ipage.

Dreamhost discount coupon Flat $97 off : MARVEL 97

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  1. Jonathan O. says:

    Hello I would like to thank you VERY MUCH for that amazing comparison, you helped me realize how BAD bluehost are (paid pro user for more than 3 years there), I was VERY frustrated with them for years and just signed for a 2 year hosting plan with DREAMhost now thanks to you guys and I’m already blown away by their superiority it really is a dream, not a standard cPanel like other hosters, a complete custom in-house made control panel etc! free domain name that can change any year you want, response time way better…

    Thank you for the time you took to make this grid, and thank you VERY MUCH for the promo code that got me $97 discount.

    I’m very happy, I even sent a mail to dreamhost citing you in it and exposing my satisfaction, keep up the good work I’ll recommend you everywhere I can.


    PS: just one thing, deactivating the right click is frustrating at times since I could not use the spellchecker from my browser, gotta find something right :)

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